Poisonous Euphoria

by Vile Construct

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The first release from 'Vile Construct', 'Poisonous Euphoria' is a hopeless decent into hatred and addiction. Contact direct for physical copies (6 panel full color Digipaks with booklet)



released December 19, 2015

Russell Lowe - All

Madeleine Farmer - Guest Vocals on 'Deconstructing Zion'
and 'Poisonous Euphoria'



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Vile Construct Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Cult Of Vultures
end their cycle
end their cycle
burn the sly dog slow
cult of vulture
guilty vulture
Track Name: Deconstructing Zion
master of the stars
stalking the devil within you
their zion falling down
breaking down
deconstructing faith
sever your world
sever your concrete tomb
lest we kill you first
the meek shall inherit the earth
belief system poisoned at birth
the meek shall inherit the earth
lest we kill you first
Track Name: Suicidal Ascension Beneath Black Marshes
suicide in black marshes
the deep dark cold black reflection
the purity of my black storm
transcending into the black depths
drown in the soil
drown my soul
enter into the wet soil
a partnership of worms
let the limp leech lick your flesh
Track Name: Decay Formation
enter the world of ripe flesh
earth side
where the dawn climbs and lays on her breast
smell their scent
and kneel before the whore
through the baron wasteland of an obsolete concept
I awaken to an answer
the anger
the rage
it is our fuel our blood
all the pain that which we seek to drive away is the pain that gives us life
the pain that feeds our soul
the pain that guides us unlike the blinding light
searing our flesh
melting our skin
and as you behold this weapon
to wield and destroy your enemies
never forget...
that it is forged in the fires of agony
it's immortal temper a sigil of suffering and might
your majesty
Track Name: Poisonous Euphoria
I live on poison
you're a fucking slave
do us all a favor and kill yourself
Track Name: Funeral Ash Descending
feel the ash on your face
taste the dust of bone
taste the ash of your fathers
storm cloud of corpses
a grey stained mist to choke the world
Track Name: The Suffocating Stench Of Alternate Realities
you showed me the door
now it's closing fast
you're living in dreams
and dreading this nightmare
the same pain
the same day
the same death
the same door